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  • Rothe House, Kilkenny
  • Hole in the Wall, Kilkenny

Rothe House Mounted Print

An assortment of stylistically mounted prints are available at many outlets in Kilkenny

Rothe House was built in 1594 by a wealthy merchant John Rothe and is well preserved to this day. The inner courtyards and buildings and also the gardens have been restored and a well house in the inner courtyard is dated 1604. It is now the headquarters of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society.

Mounted Print with text available. Price:€35

Hole in the Wall Mounted Print

The Hole in the Wall is the inner house of a Tudor mansion built in 1582 by Martin Archer whose family lost everything in 1654 after Kilkenny fell to the Cromwellians. It became part of the Duke of Ormonde estate after 1660. By the late 1700’s it became a well known supper-house and was frequented by the Earl of Ormonde and his guests such as Henry Grattan, Sir Jonah Barrington and the Duke of Wellington. Later it developed a reputation of ill renown and this led to its eventual demise.

Mounted print with text available. Price:€35